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Nonlinear Elasticity in the Interaction of Living Cells with their Mechanical Environment
Yair Shokef - Keynote Lecture, Isreali Conference on Mechanical Engineering, Tel-Aviv University (October 2012)

Jamming Transition of Kinetically-Constrained Models in Rectangular Systems
Eial Teomy - Isreali Conference on Mechanical Engineering, Tel-Aviv University (October 2012)

Ordered Models for Disordered Matter
Yair Shokef - Invited Seminar, Minerva Winter School on Statistical and Nonlinear Physics of Amorphous Solids Weizmann Institute of Science (February 2012)

Identifying the Fingerprints of Molecular Motors in Active Fluctuations of Red Blood Cell Membranes
Yair Shokef - Hot Topic Presentation, Workshop on Fluctuations and Response in Active Materials: From Driven Granular Systems to Swarming Bacteria, Lorentz Center, Leiden University (June 2011)

Jamming Mechanisms and Density Dependence of Dynamic Heterogeneities in a Kinetically-Constrained Model
Yair Shokef - Invited Talk, American Physical Society March Meeting, Dallas TX (March 2011)

Isolated Non-Equilibrium Systems in Contact
Yair Shokef - Invited Talk, Steady-states, fluctuations and dynamics of non-equilibrium systems, Technion (June 2009)

Minimal Modeling of Driven Dissipative Systems
Yair Shokef - Seminar, Soft Matter Chalk Talk, University of Pennsylvania (Nov 2006)

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